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355 24th Street, Oakland, CA
Gallery Hours: Monday – Friday 10am-4:30pm, Saturday 10am-3pm

Executive Director, x110
Elizabeth Brodersen

Director of External Relations, x113
Tom di Maria

Accountant, x118
Haideh Vincent

Client Care Aide, x116
Charlotte Moses – [email protected]

Client Services Manager, x111
Cristina Moraes – [email protected]

Communications & Partnerships Manager, x120
Jessica Daniel – [email protected]

Communications Associate, x120
Megan Mirro – [email protected]

Development and Membership Manager, x117
Justine Shapiro – [email protected]

Gallery & Exhibitions Manager, x115
Sarah Galender Meyer – [email protected]

Gallery Associate, x115
Ryan Whelan – [email protected]

Gallery Assistant, x115
Ellen York – [email protected]

Studio Manager, x112
Matt Dostal – [email protected]

Studio Associate & Volunteer Coordinator, x112
Frances Fleetwood – [email protected]

Studio Administration
Sandi Poindexter

Studio Instructors
Jo Ann Biagini – Mixed Media
Madelyn Covey – Mixed Media & Saturday Youth Program Coordinator
Matt Dostal – Wood
Helena Gonzalez – Digital Media
Kathleen Henderson – Painting & Drawing
Amy Keefer – Textiles
Joe Kowalczyk – Ceramics
Sara Lankutis – Printmaking
Miel Lister – Mixed Media
Anne Meade Paden – Fiber Arts
Steve Oriolo – Wood & Saturday Youth Program
Julie Plasencia – Painting & Drawing
Gwendoline Pouchoulin – Mixed Media
Meadow Presley – Textiles
Veronica Rojas – Painting
Tara Tucker – Rugs
David Wiley – Wood
Sarah Zehr – Ceramics