Born 1981, Castro Valley, California
Has practiced at Creative Growth since 2013

Throughout her work in ceramic sculpture, drawing, and textiles, Alice Bonczkowski maintains a reductive aesthetic and explores the nature of simple shapes and patterns. Her roughly formed polygons, cylinders, lines, and planes are the result of daily investigations of form – she often refers to her process as “folding shapes.” Steadfast and determined to realize her concrete vision, Alice often rejects the classification of her forms as abstractions of the natural world or even conventional shapes such as hemisphere or triangle, choosing instead to describe them with objective language. Similar to her predilection for certain shapes, Alice’s relationship to color is also obsessive and changes weekly—one week may be all shades of yellow and long lines, the next week blacks and blobs, another pinks and circles. The products of her earnest yet playful efforts, while minimal in appearance, possess deep intention and vision.