Maureen Clay

Maureen paints with thickly brushed impasto, layering colors repeatedly until the entire composition has been covered several times. She has an intricate sense of graphic design, and while her work appears abstract, her subjects are often distorted versions of fish and food. Her recent work in sculpture gives the illusion of otherworldly meteors, though they are made of papier-mâché and actually much lighter than what they would appear. Employing the use of paint pens to achieve complex, constellations of color, Maureen morphs otherwise mundane rock-like forms into exquisite pointillist asteroids. Looking at these “rocks” with their radioactive neon and metallic hues, the natural and unnatural may be at odds. However, it is exactly that clash that draws people in and gives the viewer a glimpse of the surreal.

Maureen has been working at Creative Growth Art Center since 1991 and has recently been featured at Esqueleto in Oakland and at Outsider Art Fair in New York and Paris.

Born 1947, California.