Laura Jo Pierce (Alum)

Born 1954, Oakland, California
Practiced at Creative Growth 1988–2016

Laura Jo Pierce always maintains a positive attitude, beginning and ending each day with a friendly “good morning” and “have a good evening.” Often, she offers to “cheer up the day” by sharing one of her lush, abstract oil pastel landscapes. Her abstract forms have recently started to become more defined organic shapes, and in her latest work, Laura has begun incorporating poetry and other observational musings about her day into these color fields. Often dating her pieces before she starts to write, Laura scratches heartfelt words into her colorful pastel surfaces or blends diaristic text with calligraphy ink in her ethereal watercolors. Her drawings thus serve as both a daily record and private journal, reflecting on both the quotidian and seemingly fleeting parts to life’s routine that often get casually overlooked.


Codex Book Fair, Richmond

Drawing Now Fair, Paris
Mental Contours III.- Lines of Force, Artinbox Gallery, Prague

John Hiltunen +1, Gallery Paule Anglim, San Francisco, curated by Matthew Higgs
Revealed, Galerie Drylewicz, Paris