Susan Janow

Highly animated and ever-enthusiastic, Susan’s extroverted personality belies the quiet and ordered nature of her artwork. She is quick to engage in conversation or give an enthusiastic high five, yet immediately switches gears into a calm state when she sits down to work. Susan can work in a variety of media, mainly focusing on drawing, employing geometric motifs in the form of grids, circles, or floral shapes. Often beginning with a hand-drawn grid, she slowly fills in each shape in a deliberate, meditative process. Her idiosyncratic color choices reflect her mood. Small splashes of bright color or patches of overlaid white break up large monotone areas. When working sculpturally with ceramic tiles or wood, she maintains her linear rhythm while exploring other patterns and forms. Each block or tile is painted with a distinct design, which when composed en masse—either on top of a wood assemblage or in a mosaic—read like a nuanced bar code of color.

Susan has been practicing at Creative Growth since 2003 and her work has been featured at Outsider Art Fair in New York and Paris, D’Dessin Paris Contemporary Drawing Fair, and NADA Miami. In 2016, Anthropologie & Co. a released limited edition print of Susan’s work.

Born 1980, San Francisco, California