Barry Regan

Born 1956, Walnut Creek, California
Has practiced at Creative Growth since 2002

A quiet but obsessive draftsman, Barry Regan’s work is a colorful ode to geometric repetition. The kaleidoscopic motifs of his works on paper parallel his investigations in wood sculpture for which he meticulously hand-cuts and glues cross-sections of dowels into abstract shapes. Barry’s work is the result of calm and collected intention, a visual manifestation of a meditative process. Deeply inspired by nature and landscaping, Barry also depicts fields of flowers and organic patterns he encountered, undoubtedly influencing his color choices and compositions. Although abstract in nature, Barry’s work also references visual imagery that ranges from cell structure to aerial views of cities or farms, both microcosms and macrocosms.


New Art Dealers Alliance Art Fair, Miami
Everyday Visionaries, Target, New York
Outsider Art Fair, Paris
D’Dessin Art Fair, Paris

Breaking Barriers, Marin Community Foundation, Petaluma, curated by Patricia Watts

Different and Special, Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art, Korea