Brian Nakahara

Born 1982, Berkeley, California
Has practiced at Creative Growth since 2001

His sincere, amiable personality and sonorous tenor voice make Brian well-loved and well known around the studio. Brian began his tenure at Creative Growth as an 18-year-old artist in our Summer Youth Program, a two-month intensive program for young artists under 21. Outside of his art practice, Brian is a talented athlete; he excells in golf and has competed in the Special Olympics. His love of sports forms the foundation for his art.

With an innate sense of design, Brian often recreates jerseys of his favorite players. The sleeves and patterns of jerseys become flattened geometric compositions, while the names and numbers of players are both factual elements and unique design choices. More than just jerseys, these works pay homage to Brian’s heroes and inspirations. In Brian’s portraits of athletes, his subjects stand statically as if posed in the artist’s own collectors cards. Brian also privately compiles hundreds of players and jersey numbers into extensive lists. While the lists do not make it directly into his compositions, they inform his creative process. Aside from his sports-based work, Brian also crafts elegant abstract drawings; his faceted, colored shapes suggest landscape or objects.