Casey byrnes

Born 1956, Osage, Iowa
Has practiced at Creative Growth since 2013

Casey Byrnes is a skilled multi-media artist, creating fantastical pieces that draw on myriad techniques, from textiles to wood sculpture. When he first began at Creative Growth, Casey dabbled in painting and drawing, displaying impressive range in both spare compositions and more nature-inspired watercolors. Since then, his affinity for wilderness and its inhabitants has manifested in large-scale objets d’art, like wooden bears and a triumphant stuffed deer (which he affectionately calls, “a pillow of fawn”). Working independently, Casey continues to engage with the new and tactile and his latest work carries forth this sense of bold experimentation and reinvention. For instance, a hand-woven weaving ends with an unexpected flourish of peacock feathers and strips of recycled denim that intertwined to form a complex array of knots.


The Creative Commons, ArtYard, Frenchtown