Aurie Ramirez at Y Gallery, New York

Metal Coyote
Curated by Aldo Sánchez

January 18 – February 17, 2013 

Creative Growth artist Aurie Ramirez is included in a group show at contemporary art space, Y Gallery in Manhattan’s Lower East Side.

Curated by Y Gallery Director Aldo Sánchez, Metal Coyote brings together work that,  “looks at the way musical culture is absorbed, interpreted and redone in other latitudes. Coyote as a U.S.A. and Mexican icon. Figure present in the rock´n roll imagery. Metal as a creaking sound, like a fork against a knife.”

Los Jaichackers, Juan Luna Avín, Eamon Ore Giron and Julio Morales rummage in the streets and street markets to see what is behind the music industry as we know it. Aurie Ramírez´ own interpretation of the band Kiss is ludic and lead us to a world inhabited by this androgynous glam characters. A different world is created by Brad Kahlhamer but this one recall a peyote trip, oniric figures around desertic landscape. As a musician, we are also presenting Kahlhamer´s latest music video. The Perro callejero series by Moris is composed by these intriguing sculptures made out of rubber, studs and spikes that appear to be garments but they happen to be unwearable. Ornamentation, distinctiveness and defensiveness within urban groups. For over four decades, Cal Schenkel has done drawings and paintings for numerous album covers, mainly for Frank Zappa and his bands that has become legendary such as We Are Only In It For The Money, among many others. Legendary music producer, manager and artist, Arturo Vega has accomplished an extensive body of work. For Metal Coyote, Vega created this installation that resume his thoughts on the rock´n roll scene after devoting his life to it for more than 40 years. Vega is the mind behind The Ramones and the creator of the most reproduced musical band logo worldwide.

(courtesy of Y Gallery)