June 28 – August 15, 2018

Exhibition Opening: Thursday, June 28, 5-8pm

Creative Growth is pleased to present Chroma Key, an exhibition featuring digital and video work. In the Creative Growth Digital Media Lab, artists explore the potentials of new media using programs like Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere, and Final Cut Pro to create and edit original video and digital pieces. Rarely exhibited, the work in Chroma Key represents the last few years of new media art produced by Terri Bowden, Janis Danker, Heather Edgar, Carlos Fernandez, Rosena Finister, Susan Janow, Paulino Martin, Nick Pagan, Jordan King, Kim Clark, Stephanie Hill, and Gregory Stoper.

A long-time producer, writer, and collaborator in the Digital Media Lab, Susan Janow’s most recent short film, Questions, is a departure from her characteristically narrative-driven videos of the past. In Questions, Janow silently sits, facing the camera as we hear an audio track of Janow asking a series of questions. The questions shift seamlessly between standard interview-like queries to more personal inquiries about one’s preferences and experiences. Neither confrontational nor entirely comfortable, the viewer is left to reflect not only on one’s own responses, but also the motivations and responses of the enquirer herself.

Gregory Stoper’s second episode of “History in a Minute with Gregory Stoper” will also be on view. For this series, Stoper researches and then writes, directs, narrates, and performs in biopics focused on singular historical figures; in this case Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. Blending found video with performed scenes, the sepia-toned film becomes a meditation on the key moments of Gandhi’s life and the way in which history is told. Watch the first episode of “History in a Minute with Gregory Stoper” and other past work from the Creative Growth Digital Media Lab here.

Chroma Key will also include a site-specific installation by Terri Bowden, who will be presenting digitally manipulated portraits alongside her current fascination – the Union Jack flag. Visitors will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in Bowden’s world, while listening to her ambient musical compositions.

Visitors will also have the opportunity to have a multi-sensory experience of a new extra large work by Barry Regan. Inspired by synesthesia and courtesy of Ryan Wolff, visitors will strap on sub-woofer backpacks and headphones to see, feel, and hear Regan’s artwork.

Film still from “Questions” by Susan Janow

Film still from “History in a Minute with Gregory Stoper: Episode 2 – Gandhi” by Gregory Stoper

Digital work by Rosena Finister

Film still from “The City” by Paulino Martin

Digital work by Janis Danker

Digital work by Jordan King

Digital work by Carlos Fernandez