Creative Growth Artists Featured at Oakland International Airport

Outsider Artists
Curated by Philip E. Linhares

November 1, 2013–January 24, 2014

Exploring the concept of ‘Outsider Artists,’ this exhibition at the Oakland International Airport, guest curated by Philip E. Linhares, features work from artists with physical or developmental disabilities. “Outsider Art” is a common art world term that refers to artists who develop and function outside the mainstream world of art schools, galleries, and museums; in this instance it is used because of the circumstances of the artists.

The art on view was developed through programs at Creative Growth in Oakland, the National Institute of Art and Disabilities in Richmond, and Creativity Explored in San Francisco, all organizations that nurture the creative talents of their client artists with professional instruction, building a body of artwork and opportunities for public exhibition. Many of the artists represented could now be considered “insiders,” as their work has garnished international attention and acclaim through exhibitions and sales; the artists also gain confidence, self-esteem, and personal growth through the experience of creating and exhibiting their work.

Outsider Artists is located in three areas of the Oakland International Airport. The exhibit sites are located in Terminal 2 between Gates 25 and 26, in Terminal 1 before the security checkpoint, and in the connecting walkway between the two terminals.

Creative Growth artists featured include: Sher-ron Freeman, Marion Bolton, Jorge Gomez, William Scott, Charles Nagle, Susan Janow, John Martin, George Wilson, John Hiltunen, Kerry Damianakes, Donald Mitchell, Dwight Mackintosh, Ying Ge Zhou, Merritt Wallace, and Dan Miller.