Creative Growth at Park Life Gallery, San Francisco


Park Life Gallery, San Francisco

July 31 – September 6, 2015

Opening Reception
Friday, July 31, 2015

Groupings represents a selection of a selection of works that communicate processes adopted by the artists at Creative Growth. Each work in the show provides insight into the mind and heart of an artist as they find their creative voice and outlet through painting, sculpture, collage, drawing, video, fabric and more. The biographical, nostalgic, and make-believe elements that these artists incorporate into their work will allow the viewer intimate insights into how and why these artists create.

For 40 years, Creative Growth has helped people express something that hadn’t been expressed before. It is more than a place in Oakland. Creative Growth is a feeling and a mindset. It’s a process. And through the personal, joyful and generous process, these people evolve to become artists who create the most illuminating art imaginable.

Including work by Derek Chen, Lawrence Choy, Maureen Clay, Jay Daley, Raydell Early, Rosena Finister, John Hiltunen, Donald Mitchell, Nick Pagan, Tony Pedemonte, Laura Jo Pierce, Aurie Ramirez, Gregory Stoper, Gerone Spruill, William Scott, Judith Scott, William Tyler and Alice Wong.

Park Life Gallery
3049 22nd Street (@ Shotwell)
San Francisco, CA