Dinah Shapiro at Mercury 20, Oakland

A Common Thread OAKLAND
Group Show / Mercury 20 Gallery artists and guest artists

February 26 – April 4, 2015

Exhibition Event Schedule:
Opening Reception

Saturday, Feb 28 
4 – 6pm

Artist Talk 
Thursday, March 19
6 – 8pm

Oakland Art Murmur First Fridays 
Friday, March 6
6 – 9pm
Friday, April 3
6 – 9 pm

Third Thursdays on 25th Street 
Thursday, March 19
6 – 8pm

A Common Thread OAKLAND, curated by Fernando Reyes and Ruth Tabancay, offered a mission to a group of artists: Feel this city…macro/micro; filtered/raw; spectrum/monochrome; people/place…show us.

Through sculptural installation, video, photography, and painting, eighteen Mercury 20 artists and thirteen guest artists beckon us down various paths of thought and feeling inspired by this fascinating city.

Found objects and images are manipulated by some artists. For others, physical structure or space serve as guide for exploring themes. Some artists ask us to embrace big issues of social reform, while others invite us to feel the need for it in a very personal way. An example of the latter is an interactive installation in which PK Frizzell and Josh Garlick collaborate to pull us in emotionally, using two-way mirror and video portraits of diverse Oaklanders…visitors will first only see themselves in the mirror, but then gradually see their face overlaid with others.

Julie Alvarado with Madelyn Covey * Jo Ann Biagini * Eric Bohr with Amy Sass * Nick Dong with Corrie Messinger * Carlo Fantin with Felipe Vazquez * PK Frizzell with Josh Garlick * Peter Honig * Kathleen King * Leah Markos * Jill McLennan with Alison McLennan * Charlie Milgrim with Tim West * Jann Nunn * Mary Curtis Ratcliff * Fernando Reyes with Terry Furry * KC Rosenberg with Modesto Covarrubias * Joanna Salska with Michael Snyder * Ruth Tabancay with Dinah Shapiro * Kerry Vander Meer with Robert Strati and Valerie Garry.

Mercury 20
475 25th Street
between Broadway & Telegraph

Thursday to Saturday 12 – 6pm
By appointment (510) 701-4620

Founded in 2006, Mercury 20 is a contemporary art gallery established, supported and operated by East Bay artists. Mercury 20 maintains a venue for artists to exhibit, develop, and advance their work and is committed to exhibiting art of diverse media and content. Exhibitions rotate every six weeks, and the gallery presents a well-attended opening event every first Friday in conjunction with the Oakland Art Murmur.

Come for the art. Stay for the art.