FOR NOW FOR MAGICAL POWER + CG Magazine Issue 3 Release

September 7 – October 5, 2018
Exhibition Opening and Magazine Release Party: Friday, September 7, 5-8pm

In celebration of the third issue of the Creative Growth Magazine, Creative Growth presents For Now For Magical Power. Join us for the opening of the exhibition and the launch of Creative Growth Magazine: Issue 3 on Friday, September 7 from 5-8pm.

Creative Growth Magazine: Issue 3 is devoted to the mysteries of the unknown, whether it is paranormal contact, the transformative alchemy of collaboration, or the imaginative power of art itself. The issue includes dream analysis by Ray Vickers and Avery Babon, a search for Bigfoot with Nick Pagan, a five-part section on Creative Growth collaborations in the past year, rarely seen bodies of work from Creative Growth studio, and myriad explorations of creative power.

The exhibition For Now For Magical Power brings the mysterious, mystical, and magical artwork featured in the issue into the corporeal world of the Creative Growth Gallery. See, in the flesh, the results of the Exquisite Corpse collaboration between artists at Creative Growth and artists at our sister programs in the Bay Area, Creativity Explored and NIAD; enter the fantastic, yet peculiarly familiar world of Jorge Gomez’s vivid works on paper; and relish in the humor and strangeness of print ads transformed by Jane Kassner and John Martin. For Now For Magical Power takes its title from work by William Tyler, who will create a large scale, site-specific installation based on the liminal world of make-believe nations, historical and personal events, and the love of magic that populate his body of work.

Creative Growth Magazine is the Creative Growth in-house annual periodical, created in the CG studio by artists, staff, and volunteers. Creative Growth Magazine: Issue 3 is available to purchase online or in the CG Gallery beginning September 7. Retailers interested in carrying the magazine, please contact [email protected].

Cover for Creative Growth Magazine: Issue 3, with artwork by Latefa Noorzai

William Tyler, Untitled, 2007, work on paper, 15 x 11.25 inches

Jane Kassner, Untitled (JK 020), 2018, work on found magazine, 10.5 x 10.5 inches

John Martin, Untitled (JMu 382), 2018, work on found magazine, 9 x 10.75 inches

Jorge Gomez, Untitled (JG 033), 2011, work on paper, 11.25 x 15 inches

Kim Clark, Untitled (KC 109), 2018, work on paper, 22.5 x 30 inches

Ray Vickers, Untitled (RV 094), 2016, work on paper, 20.125 x 26.25 inches

Larry Randolph, Untitled, 2018, work on paper, 15 x 15 inches

Ying Ge Zhou, Untitled (YGZ 280), 2017, work on paper, 10 x 11.25 inches

Franna Lusson, Untitled (FL 212), 2009, work on paper, 12 x 18 inches

George Wilson, Untitled (GW 232), 2018, work on paper, 22.25 x 22.25 inches