Gail Lewis featured | Soft Bytes animation festival | Los Angeles

Animations by Gail Lewis and former Creative Growth artists Maria Bustillos and Bre-esha Wynn will be screened at Soft Bytes, a female and feminist identified animation festival, held at TSALA on May 19th at 7:30pm by the Association of Hysteric Curators.

Gail Lewis, “Meowy for Max,” digital animation

From the Association of Hysteric Curators: This event is a product of our community by way of an open call for 1 minute or less videos and curated works by AHC. Using Lucy Lippard’s “moving targets” as a theoretical starting point, our screening emphasizes intersectionality, a non-ableist and a democratized vision of our virtual selves.

Soft Bytes considers the various ways our artists have encoded the habitual, reimagined myths, bodies and blurred reality within the realm of experimental animations, GIFs and VR. Our event includes an interactive video game by Yasmine Batniji and AR installation by Feminist Pornographic Collective Consciousness (Echo Theohar, Xin Xin). Our screening includes works by Alison Davis, Allison Zigadlo, Andrea Taylor, Anne Isensee, Ashley Lane, Blake Roten, Cassie Shao, Christina Ko, Cindy Miyashiro, Courtney Richter, Deveron Richard, Diana Rodriguez, Diane Lindo, Eden Mitsenmacher, Elizabeth Leister, Eubene Kim, Heather Scholl, Jay Martinovic, Jose Martin, Karen Hochman Brown, Kat Ball, Kate Sikorski, Kim Deleon, Linda Ravenswood, Maria Perez Ortega, Marilyn Schmidt, Marjan Vayghan, Michele Jaquis, Michiko Yao, Nicole Antebi, Paris Baillie, Rachel Finkelstein, SL Benz, Stephanie Medeiros, Tavarus Blackmonster, Tracy Miller-Robbins, Vi Ha and Virginia Jeffery.

Longer works include Gyuri Cloe Lee’s “National Gymnastics,” Gail Lewis’ Meowy for Max, Maria Bustillos’ “Nature Stories,” Bre-esha Wynn’s “Ice Force,” and Sarah Telkamp’s “You’ll be Back.”