Ray Vickers featured | Núcleo de Arte da Oliva Creative Factory | Portugal

October 7, 2017 – April 8, 2018

Núcleo de Arte da Oliva Creative Factory
Curator: António Saint Silvestre

In and Out of Africa presents more than 90 artworks of Art Brut and Contemporary Art by 40 artists of African, African-American, Haitian, Brazilian and Cuban origin. The show is particularly resonant with Portugal’s own colonial past. António Saint Silvestre, collector and curator of the show who was born in Mozambique, has deep personal affection for the African Continent and for the expression that is rich in effect and poor in means.

In and Out of Africa consists of two nuclei: artists In Africa and artists Out of Africa. The distinction is both geographical (those who are In live and work in Africa and those who are Out are of African origin) and ontological (artists In are Contemporary, even while possessing a certain edge, artists Out are Brut and Outsider).

Artists In: Anonymous Angolan Artist, Ardmore Ceramic Art (Sfiso Myelase, Sabelo Khoza and Mickey Chonco), Aston (Serge Mikpon), Franck Lundangi, Colbert Mashile, Ezekiel Messou, Joël Mpah Dooh, Sam Nhlengethwa, Dexter Nyamainasche, Gérard Quenum, Moffat Takadiwa

Artists Out: Gabriel Bien Aimé, Raimundo Camillo, José Castillo, Jesus Christyano, Mamadou Cissé, Thornton Dial, Donovan Durham, Misleidys Francisca Castillo Pedroso, Ted Gordon, Hassan, William Hawkins, John Henry Toney, Serge Jolimeau, Daldo Marte, Donald Mitchell, Camille-Jean Nasson, Marilena Pelosi, Royal Robertson, Lionel Saint Eloï, Welmon Sharlhorne, Hnery Speller, Mary Tillman Smith, José Teófilo Resende, Mose Ernest Tolliver, Victor Ulloa, Ray Vickers, Melvin Way, Wesley Willis.

For more information, visit tsscollection.org

Ray Vickers, Untitled, 2014, Acrylic and ink on paper, 10 x 20 inches