Parting Is Such Sorrow Until We Meet Again Tomorrow


Parting Is Such Sorrow Until We Meet Again Tomorrow
Co-curated by Kathleen Henderson

June 25 – July 30, 2015

Every day one hundred artists stream into the Creative Growth studio and take part in a ritual that is performed the world over: they greet each other. They say hello. It’s a simple act, barely noticeable, but one whose profundity is often most noticeable by its absence. In tandem with its bookend goodbye, hello happens again and again, forming a thread of continuity through the day as artists begin to make prints, rugs, films, ceramics, drawings, paintings, and sculptures.

Creative Growth artist Laura Jo Pierce provides the inspiration for Parting Is Such Sorrow Until We Meet Again Tomorrow, a title lifted directly from her signature text-based paintings. In the poetic simplicity of this expression, she captures the bittersweet gesture of having to say goodbye, but with the uplifting hope of reuniting again.

Join us as we reflect on all the ways we come and go—the hurried commute of getting from point A to point B by whatever means necessary, the wistful sendoff that follows a call to duty, or the somber farewell to a person who has passed on too soon. Featuring work by John Martin, George Wilson, Ying Ge Zhou, Rickie Algarva and other emerging artists, this show gives pause to the humdrum salutation that caps our every encounter.

Every day one hundred artists say goodbye. Their rides are here. They say goodbye and like billions of others, they hope it is not for the last time because they understand what loss means. Sometimes it is what their artwork is all about.

POINT-OF-VIEW | Kim Clark: Upstairs in our Viewing Room gallery, Kim Clark commemorates celebrities who have passed away through her sculptural textile “portraits”. This Hollywood memorial of sorts reframes the culture of celebrity as some unattainable “other” life and grounds it in the reality of tragedy and premature endings.

Exhibition Opening & Party
Members’ Preview: 11AM – 2PM


Gallery Hours:
Monday through Friday, 10AM – 4:30PM
Saturday, 10AM – 3PM


Laura Jo Pierce, Untitled, 2015, Acrylic paint on paper, 30×44.5 inches

Ying Ge Zhou, Untitled, 2015, Ink on paper, 5.5×7.5 inches

Ying Ge Zhou, Untitled, 2015, Ink on paper, 9×12 inches

George Wilson, Untitled, 2015, Prismacolor on paper, 22×30 inches