3x3x3 Point of View | Barbara Mealey, David Parsons, & Tony Pedemonte

Point-of-View | Barbara Mealey, David Parsons, & Tony Pedemonte

Through April 13

The installation-focused series “Point-of-View” expands from its usual location in the Viewing Room and takes center stage in the main gallery in this special three-week feature highlighting a trio of artists that work primarily in three-dimensional capacities.

Artist Tony Pedemonte takes his rhythmic wrapping to the walls, adding gallery architecture to his list of sculptural materials. David Parsons’ unique ceramic practice is given new perspective through video footage. Barbara Mealey’s crocheted textile “wall hangings” are suspended from above, activating the space with their tactile yet abstract forms. Still in its nascent year, the “Point-of-View” series provides a space for the artists at Creative Growth to expand their practices, involving larger formats, site-specific installations, and collaborative [active] dialog with the curators and Creative Growth staff.

Exhibition Opening:
THURSDAY, March 26
Members’ Preview: 11AM – 2PM

Main Reception:
FRIDAY, April 3
during Oakland Art Murmur
6PM – 9PM


Gallery Hours:
Monday through Friday, 10AM – 4:30PM
Saturday, 10AM – 3PM

Creative Growth Art Center
355 24th Street,
Oakland CA 94612