July 1 – August 19, 2016

Join Creative Growth in a celebration of a new era of open source art-making, reflecting on what’s old, picking apart what’s new, and adapting to what is forever changing– via the lens of visionary artists.

REDUX highlights work that addresses new paradigms around technology through the use of media ranging from digital drawings to video.

Inspired by the new digital tools available to them, the artists showcased in REDUX shine new light on past subject matter. In Susan Janow’s video short Three Moments in the Life of the Kool-Aid Guy, the artist invents a new history by collaging footage into clever scenes, re-inventing the nostalgic ‘Kool-Aid’ character. Nick Pagan’s Headbanging gifs breathe new life into the iconic gesture associated with the 1970s heavy metal scene while Carlos Fernandez appropriates renowned works of contemporary art into reductive masterpieces of his own via Adobe Illustrator.

William Tyler’s animated video Mr. Robot and Son juxtaposes imagined alternate realities against a more tangible emotional narrative–a son yearning for his father’s attention–that speaks to our own social interactions and basic human instincts. Terri Bowden’s series of vector drawings illuminates how we experience color, each geometric landscape a deeper investigation into the sublime realm of the abstract.

POINT-OF-VIEW | Carrie Oyama
Emerging artist Carrie Oyama presents a new series of delicate line drawings and revisits her performance art past through a video projection that traces the fragile rendering of her drawn compositions.

Creative Growth will be open late for the opening on July 1, until 9pm, during Oakland’s Art Murmur gallery walk, with live music by Mark Aubert and drinks in the Gallery.

Exhibition Opening:
FRIDAY, July 1 during Oakland Art Murmur
5PM – 9PM

LIVE MUSIC by Mark Aubert

Gallery Hours:
M-F 10:00-4:30
Saturdays 10:00-3:00

Susan Janow, Three Moments in the Life of the Kool-Aid Guy, 2012, Video (Color, Sound), 3 Minutes 4 Seconds

William Tyler, Mr. Robot and Son, 2015, Video (Color, Sound), 2 Minutes 56 Seconds

Terri Bowden, Untitled (Portrait with White Hair), 2015, Duratrans on Lightbox, 22″x28″