jorge gomez

Born 1956, Havana, Cuba
Has practiced at Creative Growth since 1986

Jorge Gomez depicts fantastic worlds inhabited by alien creatures and anthropomorphic animals who often live and interact in vividly articulated suburban settings. By placing his surreal, light-hearted cartoon figures in an environment familiar to the viewers, Jorge alerts us to the peculiarity and specificity of our own daily lives and inspires us to find humor in the details. He also creates lush floral paintings reminiscent of his tropical homeland. Seen close up, his work is almost abstract, the image slowly comes together when seen at a distance.


Outsider Art Fair, New York

Common Threads, 836M, San Francisco

The Apartment, Vancouver, Canada

Margins to Mainstream, Sonoma County Museum, Santa Rosa
Outsider Artists, Oakland Airport, Oakland

Superduper Market, New York
Future Imagined, Jack London Square, Oakland