Latefa Noorzai

Born 1960, Kabul, Afghanistan
Has practiced at Creative Growth since 2012

As a native Farsi speaker and immigrant to the United States, Latefa Noorzai has shown great resilience despite the obstacles of communication and cultural navigation. Quickly establishing herself as an identifiable artist, Latefa’s efforts to be seen are demonstrated in her bold and tenacious paintings. In addition to painting, Latefa has a natural aptitude for embroidery and crochet, and enjoys creating pillows and jewelry.


Outsider Art Fair, New York 

Outsider Art Fair New York
D’Dessin Art Fair, Paris
Outsider Art Fair, Paris
Issue 3, Good Luck Gallery, Los Angeles

Outsider Art Fair, Paris
Everyday Visionaries, Target, New York

Common Threads, 836M, San Francisco