Merritt Wallace (Alum)

Born 1963, Japan
Practiced at Creative Growth 2005-2013

Merritt brings a graphic, idiosyncratic drawing style to his work. Black and white lines become a large matrix, appearing as city streets and waterways filled with numbers and arrows, manhole covers, coffee monsters, and cat faces. Each drawing is a hypnotic adventure of “time doors” that lead to “dreamscapes” realized in great detail; these fantastic mathematical treasures provide an outlet of expression for Merritt. Occasionally, Merritt creates a “detail” work—smaller, more focused pieces that zoom in on a character from his larger labyrinths—creating a satisfying in-depth look at the otherwise tiny frenetic world he creates. Merritt’s drawings served as inspiration for fashion designer Erica Tanov’s 2013 Spring/Summer collection of clothing and home goods. He has exhibited internationally in New York, Berlin, Paris, and Korea.


Visual Oasis: Works from Creative Growth, Carson City

Sonic Futures, San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art, San Jose

Extra Celestial, Crosstown Arts, Memphis

Drawing Now Fair, Paris

Margins to Mainstream, Sonoma County Museum, Santa Rosa
Breaking Barriers, Marin Community Foundation, Novato

Creative Growth, Galerie Art Cru, Berlin, Germany
Different and Special, Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art, Korea

New Art Dealers Alliance, Miami
Creative Growth Pop-up Shop, Screaming Mimi’s, New York