natascha Haehlen

Born 1974, Berne, Switzerland
Has practiced at Creative Growth since 1997

A vibrant presence in the Creative Growth studio, Natascha Haehlen channels her creative enthusiasm into bold work in wood, ceramic, and textiles. Natascha chooses the colors she uses in her work on a whim, usually going with the color that “feels right.” Similarly the abstracted flowers and other figurative forms that she incorporates into her pieces are drawn from her head; imaginative reinterpretations of what she observes around her. The fluid lines and rhythmic patterns that tie it all together call to mind Natascha’s other passion: dance. Whether in the woodshop or on the dance floor, Natascha is quick to share her genuine excitement with those around her. 


Take A Seat, St. Supery Estate Vineyard and Winery, Napa Valley, curated by Topher Delaney