Creative Growth Magazine: Issue 3

Creative Growth Magazine: Issue 3 is devoted to the mysteries of the unknown, whether it is paranormal contact, the transformative alchemy of collaboration, or the imaginative power of art itself. The issue includes dream analysis by Ray Vickers and Avery Babon, a search for Bigfoot with Nick Pagan, a five-part section on Creative Growth collaborations in the past year, rarely seen bodies of work from Creative Growth studio, and myriad explorations of creative power. Creative Growth Magazine is the Creative Growth in-house annual periodical, created in the CG studio by artists, staff, and volunteers. Creative Growth Magazine: Issue 3 is available to purchase online or in the CG Gallery. Retailers interested in carrying the magazine, please contact


Issue Number 3 contains 164 pages along with a special insert designed and printed by Sara Lankutis with help from BAMPFA. Edited by Kathleen Henderson and Matt Haber. Designed by Brent Nuñez, Emily Rea, Frances Fleetwood, Megan Mirro, and Noel Nuñez. Photographs by Cheryl Dunn, Emily Rea, and Terri Lowenthal.