In the House

Creative Growth show

September 11 – November 20, 2010

Galerie Impaire is pleased to announce Creative Growth Art Center’s (CGAC) show, IN THE HOUSE, in partnership with MadMusée, an important cross-continental collaboration between two institutions dedicated to artists with disabilities.  This show has a wide selection of works by Dan Miller, Dwight Mackintosh, Gerone Spruill, Terri Bowden, Donald Mitchell, Aurie Ramirez and Kerry Damianakes.

IN THE HOUSE marks Galerie Impaire’s first show as a “wall-less” gallery.  The gallery situated in Paris, was opened in 2008 by CGAC to broaden the contemporary arts landscape by presenting artists with disabilities and self-taught artists from around the world.  Galerie Impaire will continue its efforts internationally by working in partnership with other institutions as well as doing “pop-up” shows.

Parc d’Avroy
4000- Liège