Allan Lofberg

Allan Lofberg is a quiet artist with a signature style that encompasses both sophisticated abstraction and whimsical representation. With over a decade of art making under his belt, Allan lets his mood dictate his studio practice. His abstractions are introspective and vary from muted to loud palettes, while his representational work reveals an affinity for animals from the cuddly to the creepy-crawly. Allan has a way of imbuing a drawing with a unique character, capturing the essence of a creature with an economy of line and color. In his mixed media and textile sculptures, material becomes a way to express the personality of his subjects. With an innately playful impulse to freely associate forms, Allan might use twigs to represent insect legs or scraps of lace to suggest bird wings. Through these experiments with material, Allan engages with the physical world, hunting down scraps in the studio, trying them out, and smiling at the results.

Allan has been practicing at Creative Growth since 2001.

Born 1955, Berkeley, California.