Barry Regan

A quiet but obsessive draftsman, Barry Regan has been painting circles for as long as he can remember. The repetitive motif of his works on paper parallels his investigations in wood sculpture for which he meticulously hand-cuts and glues cross-sections of dowels into abstract shapes. Working quickly but slow enough, he says, “to not mess it up,” Barry is utterly calm and focused. Prior to working as an artist as Creative Growth, Barry helped out with gardening and landscaping. The fields of flowers and organic patterns he encountered undoubtedly influence his color choices and compositions. While Barry views his own work as solely abstraction, one can perceive them as both microcosms and macrocosms, from cell structure to aerial views of cities or farms. In 2012, Barry’s work was shown at the Gyeonggi Museum in South Korea, and most recently, his work was featured at the Marin Community Foundation.

Barry has been working at Creative Growth Art Center since 2002.

Born 1956, Walnut Creek, California.