Video Production Workshop

Creative Growth’s Video Production Workshop (VPW) began in 2004. Since then, the workshop has produced a variety of highly praised videos and DVD’s by the Center’s artists. From stop-motion animation to live action the workshop gives the artists the opportunity and instruction to execute their vision in motion pictures.

Artists learn to make videos from pre-production to post. They learn a range of skills – storyboarding, lighting, acting, set and character design as well as editing. For many involved in the workshop this is the only time they have been able to work with cameras and computers, enabling the artists to expand and explore ideas and concepts.

VPW artist, Merritt Wallace, recently completed a music video for the song, “Salt”, by the band WOOM. In the video, Wallace further expanded on his body of work about a visionary world of the ‘4th dimension’. Using a combination of animation and green screen he was able to go inside his imagined world and participate with its occupants. “It’s different. Jumps at you”, said Wallace when asked about his video, “I’m excited to make more videos.”

To watch Merritt Wallace’s video and others visit the Creative Growth Vimeo site