Ray Vickers

Born 1987, Oakland, California
Has practiced at Creative Growth since 2009

Ray Vickers loves pop culture - he obsesses over comics and action movies. In each of Ray’s drawings he creates his own characters and story lines, infused with a sly dark humor. His “dead rabbits” is a common motif and has since earned a cult following a successful print series in the gallery. Using his own pop symbolism that includes icons like Captain America or stylized arrows, eight-balls, and eyeballs, Ray constructs narratives that range from irony-infused linear stories to abstract compositions in which tense and humorous figures seem to play tag with the viewer. Highly influenced by the world around him, Ray uses his day-to-day interactions mixed with a bit of fantasy to add to the pop element within his artwork.


Outsider Art Fair, New York

NADA art fair, Miami
The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter, Fraenkel Gallery, San Francisco, curated by Katy Grannan
D’Dessin Paris Contemporary Drawing Fair, Paris

Park Life Gallery, Creative Growth Group Show, San Francisco

Screaming Mimi’s, Creative Growth Pop-up Shop, New York

Public Bikes, San Francisco

Rena Bransten Gallery, Creative Growth Group Show, San Francisco