raydell early

Born 1952, Oakland, California
Has practiced at Creative Growth since 1981

A certain personalized work desk is occupied five days a week in the studio, equipped with an anti-fatigue mat under toe and a crate of highly organized Prismacolor pencils, behind which Raydell Early stands steadfast. Rarely observed doing much sitting, Raydell labors over his drawings with a devout stance and polished profile. Curiously enough, his process involves a sculptural element that ultimately imitates his two-dimensional drawings. The parallel emerges as he deliberately stacks the Prismacolor blocks to form linear pyramids of color (some more structurally sound than others), which then transform into densely pigmented line drawings. As an openly spiritual man, frequently attending church and offering up prayers for instructors, it is not surprising that the inspiration guiding Raydell’s work has been the very stained glass windows that house his place of worship.