Rickie algarva

Born 1941, Oakland, California
Has practiced at Creative Growth since 1989

In the decades in which Rickie Algarva has been coming to Creative Growth, there is little she has not tried when it comes to media in the studio. From her expert handiwork in the rug workshop to hand-bound books full of whimsical colored drawings to recent forays in sculpture with wooden dioramas, Rickie’s versatility is only outmatched by her enthusiasm for creating. With a love for color and pattern, her Surrealist drawings and paintings are largely inspired by fantasy, with figures often depicted from behind to give what Rickie describes as a “360-degree” perspective. Pulling from her imagination as well as mythology, characters like fairies, griffins, or Ra the Sun God appear in vivid technicolor, graphically rendered in Rickie’s bold black line.