Zina Hall

Born 1964, Shreveport, Louisiana
Has practiced at Creative Growth since 2006

Zina Hall has a deft hand when it comes to embroidery, employing a needle and thread as her primary “drawing” device to create intricately sewn tableaus. When she first began working at Creative Growth, Zina’s affinity for sewing was realized mostly in embellishing existing patterns in garments. Since then, Zina has expanded her imagery to sewn interpretations of family photos from her childhood, favorite TV shows like The Golden Girls, The Mary Tyler Moore Show, and Sanford & Sons, as well as crossword puzzles. When woven together in a single composition, these otherwise distinct subjects unite as one nostalgic amalgam of yesteryear. Almost pointillist, the dashed thread patterns that Zina creates in her meticulous compositions both mesmerize and invoke a feeling of the sublime.


NADA, Miami

Outsider Art Fair, New York