Carlos fernandez

Born 1986, Berkeley, California
Has practiced at Creative Growth since 2009

Carlos Fernandez explores the intersections of geometry and repetition like a cartographer of form and color. His reductive application to shapes and his attention to their inherent forms are both reminiscent of Minimalism and part mathematical survey. His continued exploration of an image—either organic or geometric—recalls the meditative patterning of Agnes Martin mixed with the hard-edged, coloristic simplicity of Ellsworth Kelly. Expanding on his Pop-like sensibility, Carlos draws particular inspiration from seemingly generic symbols to create compositions that neutralize the icons of their usual associations. A button, a horseshoe magnet, a clover, or a cross—these otherwise mundane objects are condensed to their essential geometries and thus transformed from symbol to shape when drawn by his hand. Carlos also works digitally, using an iPad to create surreal tableaus of patterns that reverberate against a litany of appropriated symbols and utilitarian icons.


Outsider Art Fair, New York

Codex Book Fair, Richmond, CA
Outsider Art Fair, Paris