Jolie-Laide Wines + Creative Growth

We are excited to share our recent partnership with Jolie-Laide Wines. Artwork by Creative Growth artists Aurie RamirezJohn MullinsRosena Finister, and Julie Swartout is featured on Jolie-Laide’s 2019 spring release, available now at Jolie-Laide Wines, and artwork by Carrie OyamaRosa GironMiguel Palacios, Donald Mitchell, and Franna Lusson will be featured in their 2019 fall release.

From Jolie-Laide Wines:
We continue to adorn our bottles with the art that surrounds and inspires us. Because our wines are a celebration of the year and seasons in which they were made, always different and unique, no two bottlings are ever the same. We honor each distinctive vintage with new artwork; sometimes our own, our friends or collaborations with artists across oceans. We are particularly excited this year to be showcasing the talents of not one, but 9 different resident artists from the Creative Growth Art Center.