Creative Growth Textile Lab | The Contemporary Jewish Museum

In the Creative Growth textile studio, artists design and create one-of-a-kind textiles, including wearable garments modeled by the artists in the art center's runway event Beyond Trend. By embodying their art in this annual celebration, many of the artists have come to expand their identity to include not only artist but also designer. Join these designers along with one of Creative Growth's textile instructors, Amy Keefer, in conversation and see the their textile creations up close.

Creative Growth Art Center is the oldest and largest nonprofit center for artists with developmental, mental, and physical disabilities. Since 1974, Creative Growth has played a significant role in increasing public interest in the artistic capabilities and achievements of people with disabilities, providing a professional, multi-media studio environment for artistic development, gallery exhibition, and representation.


(Image description: Natascha Haehlen wearing her own design, with guest models Sonja Walters and Georgia Brooks wearing designs by Maureen Clay. The dresses have a Marie Antoinette 18th century flair with satin or silk taffeta that appears luxurious. One of the models is sitting on the edge of a vintage couch with a rabbit's head covering her face.)

Textile Lab Gathering: Creative Growth Tuesday, Nov 6, 2018 | 12:30–1:30pm The Contemporary Jewish Museum ADMISSION: Free in conjunction with Free First Tuesdays.


Weave, drape, embroider and learn in this hands-on educational annex Veiled Meanings: Fashioning Jewish Dress, from the Collection of The Israel Museum, Jerusalem. Featured activities include weaving on a giant loom, draping on dress forms, embroidering patterns inspired by the exhibition, and more.

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