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Luis Aguilera

Luis Aguilera’s vibrant drawings of figures and animals are multi-layered, personal narratives that include icons of popular culture, buses and trains, fantasy creatures, musical …

By EVB Team on 06/06/2011

David Albertsen image2
David Albertsen imge1
David Albertsen image5
David Albertsen image5
David Albertsen image5
CG David Albertsen 1

David Albertsen

David Albertsen’s Prismacolor works on paper immerse the viewer in a cosmic field of psychedelic colors and intricate geometries. In his lyrical, abstract compositions …

By Creative Growth on 06/22/2011

Sherrie Aradanas_15x22.25
Sherrie Aradanas
Sherrie Aradanas_SA 009 2014_14x20
Sherrie Aradanas_SA 012 2013_21x8.5x1

Sherrie Aradanas

From Johnny Depp to Lady Gaga, Sherrie is extremely passionate about movies, TV shows, and other celebrities that attract cult followings. It is this …

By Creative Growth on 01/16/2015

OBielma 1
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Olga Bielma

Olga Bielma makes drawings and paintings in response to the images she sees in books and magazines. Her work employs an economical line that …

By EVB Team on 06/06/2011

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Terri Bowden

Terri’s whimsical and quirky sense of humor is delightfully evident in her artwork. Having befriended other albinos–who, like herself, are legally blind–Terri often uses …

By Creative Growth on 06/22/2011


Kim Clark

Kimberly Clark first came to Creative Growth Art Center through the Summer Scholarship Program in 1999. Kim is heavily influenced by pop culture, idolizing …

By Creative Growth on 02/20/2014

Maureen Clay_MC 080 2015_30x44.5
Maureen Clay_MC 075 (interior) 2013_12x18
Maureen Clay_MC 042 2013_3x3x3
Maureen Clay_MC 036 2013_9x12
Maureen Clay_MC 040 2013_15x22
Maureen Clay, Untitled, 2014, Paper mache and acrylic paint, Various dimensions

Maureen Clay

Maureen paints with thickly brushed impasto, layering colors repeatedly until the entire composition has been covered several times. She has an intricate sense of …

By Creative Growth on 06/08/2015

Kerry Damianakes 3
Kerry Damianakes1
Kerry Damianakes 2
Kerry Damianakes 4

Kerry Damianakes

Kerry Damianakes powerfully manipulates the materials she uses in the production of her art. Working in a bold and colorful style, she recreates images …

By Creative Growth on 06/15/2011

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John Hiltunen

John Hiltunen has attended Creative Growth since 2003.  He began making collages in 2006. Before this time, John focused on rug making, wood work …

By EVB Team on 06/06/2011

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Carl Hendrickson

Carl Hendrickson’s explorations of the way wood works are extravagant, magical, and yet paradoxically pragmatic. While cerebral palsy prevented him from pursuing very many …

By EVB Team on 06/06/2011

Susan Janow_SJ 053 2013_11x15
Susan Janow_SJ 037_2014_5.5x10.5
Susan Janow_SJ 43 2014_15x22.5
Susan Janow_SJ 053 2013_11x15_featured

Susan Janow

Highly animated and ever-enthusiastic, Susan’s extroverted personality belies the quiet and ordered nature of her artwork. She is quick to engage in conversation or …

By Creative Growth on 01/16/2015

Cedric Johnson_01
Cedric Johnson_02
Cedric Johnson_03
Cedric Johnson_04
Cedric Johnson_05
Cedric Johnson_06

Cedric Johnson

Fractured planes and a Cubist style of portraiture are prominent in most of Cedric’s work, and he is equally adept at incorporating vibrant palettes …

By Creative Growth on 06/27/2016

FL 4
FL 1
FL 2
FL 3

Franna Lusson

At the core of Franna’s work is the immediacy of drawing, whether that is seen in the swift movements of an animal in the …

By Creative Growth on 10/11/2013

DMackintosh 4
DMackintosh 1

Dwight Mackintosh

Identified by the well-known art historian John McGregor as a great American Outsider Artist, Dwight Mackintosh began making artwork late in life and after …

By EVB Team on 06/06/2011

Paulino Martin
Paulino Martin_PM _22x30
Paulino Martin_PM 013 2014_7x9

Paulino Martin

Paulino has a congenial aura and a generous attitude with his peers in the studio that ultimately spills over into his artwork.  The ethereal, …

By Creative Growth on 01/16/2015

John Martin image 1
John Martin image3
John Martin Image2

John Martin

John Martin creates drawings from his memories of time spent with his family on their Arkansas farm. Each drawing is instantly recognizable through the …

By Creative Growth on 06/15/2011

DMiller 1
DMiller 4
DMiller 2
DMiller 3

Dan Miller

Dan Miller’s artwork reflects his perceptions. Letters and words are repeatedly overdrawn, often creating ink layered masses, hovering on the page and built up …

By EVB Team on 06/06/2011

DMitchell 2
DMitchell 3
DMitchell 4
DMitchell 1

Donald Mitchell

Donald Mitchell’s early work consisted primarily of obsessively crosshatched fields of lines that covered the page and hid any trace of an underlying image. …

By EVB Team on 06/06/2011

CN 2
CN 3
CN 1
Chuck Nagle group

Charles Nagle

Charles is an artist who recognizes few limitations. He has worked at Creative Growth for more than thirty years and arrives each day with …

By Creative Growth on 10/11/2013

Carrie Oyama_01
Carrie Oyama_02
Carrie Oyama_03
Carrie Oyama_04
Carrie Oyama_05

Carrie Oyama

Carrie Oyama’s work dances across the page in a kind of multi-layered visual performance. The artist repetitively draws with her ‘wrong’ hand, recording figures …

By Creative Growth on 06/27/2016

TP 3

Tony Pedemonte

Tony Pedemonte started at Creative Growth making abstract drawings, rarely limited by the paper’s edge. Often incorporating his surrounds, Tony would use whatever objects …

By Creative Growth on 10/11/2013


Laura Jo Pierce

Laura Jo Pierce always maintains a positive attitude, beginning and ending each day with a friendly “ Good Morning” and “Have a Good Evening.” …

By Creative Growth on 10/11/2013

ARamirez 4
ARamirez 3
ARamirez 2
ARamirez 1

Aurie Ramirez

Aurie Ramirez’s sophisticated, delicately rendered watercolor and ink compositions create an ever-expanding fantasy world where fragments of 18th century dandyism, neo-Victorian decorum, psychedelia, Venetian …

By EVB Team on 06/06/2011

JScott 2
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JScott 4

Judith Scott

Judith Scott was a visual artist isolated from outside influences as a result of the impact of deafness and Down’s syndrome. She was independent …

By EVB Team on 06/06/2011

William Scott map
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WScott 3

William Scott

William Scott is a self-taught artist capable of rendering his imagined public and private worlds with remarkable accuracy and meticulous detail. William draws, paints …

By EVB Team on 06/06/2011

CG Dinah Shapiro
Dinah Shapiro
Dinah Shapiro (1)
Dinah Shapiro_22x30
Dinah Shapiro (2)

Dinah Shapiro

Dinah has been drawing and working with ceramics for over twenty-five years. Her stylized ceramic work exemplifies the trial and error process of working …

By Creative Growth on 06/08/2015

Gerone Spruill (artwork available) 18
gerone 2
Gerone 4

Gerone Spruill

An aspiring DJ with an encyclopedic music collection, Gerone Spruill’s street-smart graphic sensibility illuminates his work. His prismacolor and ink drawings take the form …

By Creative Growth on 06/15/2011

Christine Szeto, chair
Christine Szeto chair
Christine Szeto
Christine Szeto quilt

Christine Szeto

Christine is an outgoing personality around the studio. Passionate about fiber arts, Christine often brings in finished work from home. Christine shined as a …

By Creative Growth on 06/08/2015

WTyler 4
WTyler 1

William Tyler

William Tyler has been working at Creative Growth Art Center since 1978, one of the longest attending artists in the studio. He is a …

By Ryan Leong on 06/06/2011

Monica Valentine
Monica Valentine - CIRCLE
Monica Valentine
Monica Valentine_7.5x11
Monica Valentine_MV 017_2014_8x8x8

Monica Valentine

Upon entering Creative Growth, Monica began two distinct bodies of work that both build on her passion for jewelry making and express her offbeat, …

By Creative Growth on 06/08/2015

Ron Veasey_1
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Ron Veasey_3
Ron Veasey_4
Ron Veasey_5
Ron Veasey_6

Ron Veasey

Ron is a quiet, thorough artist who enjoys working methodically and independently. His paintings and drawings all possess a careful precision that is evident …

By Creative Growth on 12/28/2015


Ray Vickers

Ray Vickers has been an artist at Creative Growth since 2009. Ray loves pop culture–he reads comics and sees every action movie. In each of …

By Creative Growth on 02/20/2014

merritt wallace 4
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merritt wallace 1
merritt wallace 5
merritt wallace 5

Merritt Wallace

Merritt brings his idiosyncratic, interior world into clear focus within his drawings.  Black and white lines become a large matrix, appearing as city streets …

By Creative Growth on 06/15/2011

AWong 4
AWong 3

Alice Wong

Alice’s interpretation of the natural world is an enlivened—often neon—version of animals, plants and landscapes. Both in her drawings and ceramics, Alice often takes …

By Creative Growth on 02/12/2014

Ed Walters_EW 031 2014_15x22
Ed Walters_EW 025_10x13
Ed Walters_EW 018_11x15
Ed Walters_EW 025_10x13_featured

Edward Walters

Edward is an architect of space in his artwork. Modular and geometric forms reminiscent of skyscrapers present like a Bauhaus metropolis, handily realized through …

By Creative Growth on 01/16/2015

George Wilson1
George Wilson 2
George Wilson 3
George Wilson 5

George Wilson

George Wilson is a man of few words, usually offering a whispered comment as he moves quickly through the studio. His eyes and hands …

By Creative Growth on 06/15/2011

Ying Gee Zhou book

Ying Gee Zhou

Ying Gee came to Creative Growth with a strong aptitude for drawing and painting. Though relatively new to the studio, Zhou has created numerous …

By Creative Growth on 02/20/2014