Alice Wong

Alice’s interpretation of the natural world is an enlivened—often neon—version of animals, plants and landscapes. Both in her drawings and ceramics, Alice often takes liberties with color, intensifying the true shade of the animal so that it translates on the psychedelic rainbow spectrum rather than portraying it in its more organic, albeit drab, reality. A recent introduction to vintage postcards and found photos has started a new course of work that recalls a Baldessari-like approach of color-blocking over appropriated imagery. Alice reconfigures family album kitsch or cliché macro shots of plants and landscapes, consuming the original with a contemporary, slick sheen of artificial color. Again using her vibrant palette as a vehicle to enhance and abstract, Alice obscures what might be considered the central focal point to recalibrate the viewer’s vision. With a reductive eye, she forces us to rely on the mundane periphery for contextual clues that both help orient the details left behind and further disorient the viewer into abstraction. Alice Wong has been working at Creative Growth Art Center since 2003 and in addition to numerous Creative Growth gallery shows and art fairs, Alice has shown at Fraenkel Gallery in San Francisco and the Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art in Korea.

Born Hong Kong, 1980.