Cedric Johnson

Fractured planes and a Cubist style of portraiture are prominent in most of Cedric’s work, and he is equally adept at incorporating vibrant palettes and intricate linear patterns when working two-dimensionally in drawing or painting or three-dimensionally when sculpting ceramic masks. Working in the Creative Growth studio since 1980, Cedric is easily spotted in the mass–first by his characteristic red beanie and second by the sweet drawl of his ever-carrying voice. When beginning a new work, the preliminary abstract line takes form as he rotates the piece to find emergent shapes within different perspectives. Cedric “likes it all” as evidenced by the wide range of media he pursues, from wood to textiles to ceramics.

Cedric had a solo exhibition in 2016 at Ampersand Gallery in Portland, Oregon, and his work has been featured at D’Dessin Paris Contemporary Drawing Fair, Untitled Art Fair in San Francisco, and Rena Bransten Gallery.

Born 1952, Corpus Christi, Texas.