Kim Clark

Kimberly Clark first came to Creative Growth Art Center through the Summer Scholarship Program. Kim is heavily influenced by pop culture, idolizing everything from Elvis to the Twilight Saga to current films. Generally sourcing from movie posters or internet printouts, Kim converts the saccharine, digitally perfect figures into her own expressive style reminiscent of Egon Schiele’s pulled and distorted figuration. She is skilled at both drawing and painting, and approaches her subjects with reverence, unfettered enthusiasm, and humor. With a voracious appetite for the glossy covers of celebrity tabloids, Kim has recently taken to memorializing recently passed stars through embroidered textile portraits, including everyone from Hollywood’s A-list like Paul Walker and Robin Williams, to the more obscure like Bob Hoskins and Ann B. Davis.

Kim has been practicing at Creative Growth since 2000 and has recently been featured at NADA Miami, Andrew Edlin Gallery in New York, and Park Life in San Francisco.

Born 1980, Concord, California.