Monica Valentine

Upon entering Creative Growth in 2012, Monica began two distinct bodies of work that both build on her passion for jewelry making and express her offbeat, dry sense of humor. Often sporting perfectly monochrome outfits complete with a matching flashlight necklace, Monica is enamored with color. Based on her artwork, it comes as a surprise to most that she is completely blind and uses prosthetic eyes.

Monica is incredibly adept with her hands, creating works that are as tactile as they are visually rich. She speedily threads sequins and beads onto thin pins and one by one covers the surface of foam shapes. These shapes vary between spheres, cubes, and cones but are always so densely covered that they sparkle like crown jewels of a lost disco civilization. She considers these objects decorative and celebratory, and seems to revel in others’ visual delight over them. If these cheerful and sparkling shapes represent an ordered, rational, if not obsessive side, then Monica’s other work of painted wood food items reveal her expressive creativity and active sense of humor. Relating tastes and textures to colors she often quips about gold potatoes, blue broccoli, or red peas. Monica renders these synesthetic pairings by pouring on and sanding the painted surfaces, revealing layers of color and drawing beneath. Monica’s sarcastic banter peppers her art-making process, as she likes to discuss her “interest” in eating coins, checks, screws or nails.

Born 1955, San Mateo, California