Paulino Martin

Paulino has a congenial aura and a generous attitude with his peers in the studio that ultimately spills over into his artwork.  The ethereal, floating heads and figures he draws usually wear smiles, but even when they appear to be more abstract or expressionless, Paulino’s inherent optimism still comes across. Opting for a rainbow or multi-colored palette, horizontal bands of hues fill his page, sometimes offering a glimpse of the graphite sketch beneath. In his textile pieces, Paulino skillfully embroiders clothing with his familiar vibrant rainbow palette to create couture looks that have been modeled on the Creative Growth runway at the last three Beyond Trend events. With a suave, Humphrey Bogart-like charm, Paulino is also a natural actor and enjoys playing roles in the short films produced by the Creative Growth Video Production Workshop.

Born 1968, Mexico