Sherrie Aradanas

Born 1964, Keene, New Hampshire
Has practiced at Creative Growth since 1993

From Johnny Depp to Lady Gaga, Sherrie is extremely passionate about celebrities, movies, and TV shows that attract cult followings. It is this deep admiration for Hollywood, WWE wrestling, and pop music that forms the basis of her work. Striving to depict celebrities as realistically as she can, Sherrie’s sincerity also stems from a romantic attraction to these crushes, or as she prefers to call them, her “sexy men.” Nostalgia and sci-fi escapism are prominent themes as well in Sherrie’s approach; by realizing these characters in a wide variety of media—wood, drawing, painting, and hooked yarn rugs—she is able to gain a more intimate connection to these otherwise larger-than-life figures. When working sculpturally in wood, Sherrie likes to explore depth by working additively, which she refers to as “the details.” Focusing on hair, facial features, clothes, and muscles or breasts, Sherrie augments the “machismo” or “girly-girl” stereotypes that Hollywood is constantly enhancing.


INDIGO MIND: Informed by the work of Dr. Oliver Sacks, StoreFrontLab, San Francisco, co-curated by Cara Levine and Arianne Gelardin
Vis-à-vis, Andrew Edlin Gallery, New York, curated by Michael Mahalchick
Love is A Stranger, Creative Growth Art Center, curated Leigh Markopoulos