Tony Pedemonte

Tony Pedemonte started at Creative Growth making abstract drawings, rarely limited by the paper’s edge. Often incorporating his surrounds, Tony would use whatever objects were nearby, including other artists’ paints, windows, and other random materials within reach. It was such tendencies that eventually caused his shift to three-dimensional work and the obsessively wrapped sculptures he now makes exclusively. Despite aesthetic comparisons to fellow Creative Growth artist Judith Scott, Tony never knew of her or how she worked. His first construction consisted of crumpling up his drawings and using cardboard scraps and a stray spool of thread to wrap them together. Tony now works with wooden armatures or repurposed items like bicycle wheels, wrapping with one spool of thread after another until the structural frame is nearly concealed. Distinguished by their smooth texture, a monochromatic palette, and geometrically-driven configurations, Tony’s sculptures exude a presence that is both tactile and enigmatic.

Born 1954, Oakland, California.